Healing in the mighty name of Jesus for cousin Natalie B.from stage three breast cancer and Financial help. Bless all praying.

Jan-19 / last prayer 27h ago

Dear church, I come seeking prayer over my health as I am struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and my abilities to find work. I am looking for work & to support myself. Please pray for healing & career.

Jan-06 / last prayer 27h ago
Tom Caladin

Friend of the family had caught covid19 recently and now he's suffering through the after effects of blood clotting issues. His leg is purple but the doctors don't want to amputate yet.

Jan-25 / last prayer 27h ago

Thank you for your prayers. My son-in-law has recovered from COVID and returned to work.

Jan-21 / last rejoice 27h ago

Please pray for the salvation of my family.... Husband daughter & son

Jan-19 / last prayer 27h ago
Priscilla W.

prayer for health problems and finances. Also prayer to find an apt.

Jan-23 / last prayer 27h ago

Please pray for co-worker and her 3 sons. Her ex-husband found dead over the weekend, possible suicide.

Jan-24 / last prayer 27h ago

Please continue praying for my granddaughter. Once a devoted Christian She is now involved with the wrong crowd. Pray for patience and strength for her parents. Thank you

Jan-12 / last prayer 27h ago

God’s faithful & gratitude, praise, glory to Him. The turnaround in the church finances from 2020 is just one of the answered prayers & miracles that are happening everyday. Isaiah 59:1

Jan-19 / last rejoice 27h ago
Joseph Stahl

Please pray for me as my Doctor diagnosed me with Peyronie's disease.Thank you

Jan-26 / last prayer 27h ago

Pray for son-in-law, tested positive for COVID,and has fever.

Jan-10 / last prayer 27h ago
Doris Wright

A dear friend of the family and my sister in laws mother Doris, is in the hospital with pneumonia. Prayers for her healing and to make a complete recovery are needed and very much appreciated.

Jan-21 / last prayer 27h ago

My nephew Bill was diagnosed with a rare bile duct cancer that has spread to liver and pancreas. He and his wife have three grown children and three young teens whom they adopted as babies. Miracle!

Jan-20 / last prayer 27h ago